Soak in Grace 
with me

Live the Magic

of who you really are today . . .

Use Divine Magic to Accomplish Your Daily Creative Joys

Dear one,

Blessings to you this day, today’s Divine Wisdom is a very important piece.

It comes in two parts;

The first part is to FEEL your Daily Joy completed, with ease and Divine MAGIC, when you are in the Silence ... you can read a message in the Wisdom Library about that here ...

The next piece is;

Be Sure - Make it a MUST, a daily standard - - Your non negotiable to CREATE (and if you can) publish something everyday. Your mind will try and throw you off from completing this everyday.

Think of how much creativity you “consume” everyday. How much video, podcast, tv, magazines, you consume daily.

Your new habit starting today is to CREATE SOMETHING DAILY. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, but if you create something Daily - Your Daily Joy, then without realising it you will be building up your repertoire of work.

It may be pages of your book, a podcast, a video, a piece of a new course, sew something, bake something, paint something.

Today’s Wisdom - Whatever your gift and talent, create something tangible with it every day.

That is why I created the Daily Wisdom Library. So I can create something that brings value everyday using my gifts. I write 5-7 days a week, and I am continually building my body of work.

This can then be utilised in many other ways.

So, feel what you might enjoy creating today, that you can comfortably achieve.

Remember to read my other letter on this subject too here .... You need to do both parts.

You need to produce something tangible, videos, podcasts, stories, blogs, artwork, books, cards, designs, photo’s... something !

Get started today. I know you may have so many other things to do too. But honestly this and FEELING YOUR SUCCESS every day will be one of the best investments in your life’s joy you can ever make.

Remember the ways of Divine Magic are NOT THE NORM. If you follow the norm you will get normal (average) results.

Divine Magic is Extra-ordinary. Super - natural. It is tapping into God’s way, rather than man’s way.

In order to achieve what you want to achieve, you will need to tap into an extra-ordinary Power. This power is within you (and around you) and is unseen.

Just like Ive radio waves, electricity and light waves, the Power you have that I call Divine Magic does exist.

By creating something tangible everyday, you will be tapping into Divine Power everyday. Using this power everyday will like a battery continually being charged, charge you up to bring your gifts to the world. Without creating everyday, your battery and drive will continually be drained, and though your desire won’t wane your power to bring it pass will.

So make it Your Daily Joy to create (and publish) something of value everyday. Or at least 6 days a week.

You will be building up content, and using your gifts at the same time. People will get to experience your loveliness, and Divine Magic will work on your behalf. You will also grow in confidence from using your gift daily.

Id you want to bake cupcakes, bake a batch a day. Change up the recipe, take pictures, write notes, and then give them away. If you do this everyday, AFTER HARNESSING MAGIC BY FEELING YOUR BAKED BATCH AS WONDERFUL. It won’t be long before Divine Magic works it’s wonders and your gifts are noticed in the most wonderful ways.

Why will they be noticed in wonderful ways? Because you will have done this first ......

One of the best ways I know to bring your gifts to the world is what I call “Daily Joys”.

Daily Joys is the Art of