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Harness the Power of Beauty to Bring Your Lovely Gifts to the World - Divine Magic

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Dear one,

Today I am sitting outside in a sunny warm spot in the dappled October sunshine. I am listening to the trickling sounds of my little sacred Mary fountain, and my faithful companions Blossom and Thomas are as usual besides me.

There are a few pink roses still blooming, and the friendly birds are flitting in and out of the water ..... it’s very pleasing to me.

So in today’s talk of all things Divine Magic, let us talk of the hidden Power of Beauty.

I am sure you already instinctively know that there is great power in beauty, however the world tends to make its power insignificant and earmarks beauty only for days off, and for those who have enough money to buy things.

Dear one, to bring your wonderful gifts and talents to the world you MUST harness the power of divine beauty very, very often, and with much love and enthusiasm.

Using the Power of Beauty will free up necessary creativity and divine inspiration that you can then channel into your beloved offerings, whatever they may be. Note: I would love to know more about your offerings.

A cautionary note. Your mind may do its very best to convince you and persuade you to avoid harnessing beauty - The minds job is to keep you exactly where you are now. It may bubble up thoughts and feelings of guilt and “lack of time”. Or words such as waste of time, not important, distraction.

But no no need to pay any heed. Simply smile and continue with your Power of Beauty Sacred Practice knowing that this is actually a Divine Magic shortcut for those who are “in the know”.

Dear one, do this before any major creative endeavours, writings of services, marketing, etc. Not after like your mind or others may tell you to do.

Remember, we are creating beauty so as to free up flowing creativity and Divine Magic first.

So, let’s begin shall we?

First, with your Divine Magic beauty eyes, look around you, your room, your table, window sill, or garden, and feel for a moment what you would love to pour a little magic into by creating beauty?

It can be a tiny thing such as a foray outside and picking a few garden flowers, and hedge sticks and fronds then arranging them into a lovely bundle and tying them with ribbon or brown string and popping them in a glass onto your windowsill.

Doing this with love and intention to free up Divine Magic locked inside you will increase the power of beauty.

Take a deep breath first dear one, and do it slowly and with the absolute belief and knowing and expectation, that you are freeing up power from within and around you, that you can then use to bring your wonderful gifts to the world In some way.

Dear one, begin now after reading this letter - put it down and take a breath, and allow yourself the luxury of 20 minutes to bring forth Divine Magic with the Power of Beauty.

After you have created your beauty spot, you can then dive into whatever you must do to bring your gifts to the world.

I promise this will open you up to Divine Magic which you can then utilise for your “work”.

So, what can you create or tidy or pour beauty - love into for 20minutes?

It could be pouring love into your kitchen sink! - take a few minutes to lovingly get a fresh clean towel out of your drawer, and some fresh squeezed lemon or vinegar (or even shampoo or bubble bath) and shine your sink, and tap! - You’ll be amazed at the “magic” this awakens you to when you do it with the intention of unleashing the Power of Beauty.

I do hope you will believe me and play along with me. The only way you will know if it does indeed work is to try it out for yourself.

What little corner can you add beauty to for the next 10-15 minutes?

I encourage you to have a “beauty break” now.

I would love to hear your stories of beauty- love. If you would like to, you can tell me below in the comments what you poured beauty into, and then how it unleashed Divine Magic so that you could easily accomplish a task towards bringing your gifts to the world today.

In the meantime dear one, until tomorrow many blessings of Divine Magic and beauty today.

with much love

Julie xx

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