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Soak in
Divine Grace
with me
and experience your Soul's Unique Essence
Delightful Magic

Weaving Together the Magic, Blessings and Beauty of the Earth,​

and the Light, Grace, Power and Miracles of the Divine.


Soul Healing Activations

Bring the Heart of Your Soul

into The Heart of Your

Business and Life


Bringing your gifts to the world should be so uplifting, so inspiring, so connecting and so transformational, that you are totally in love with bringing your gifts to pass, and eager to "stay the course", no  matter what.

In fact some might say that you have no choice, that

it is your sacred calling, and you just can't let it go (though sometimes, maybe you wish you could! )

The answer to staying the course, and simply loving bringing your gifts to the world?

You know that feeling of being inspired, buoyant, excited, invigorated, because you just "know" what you need to do?

That feeling of surety, and  absolute knowing that comes with a great idea . . .

This is the answer, this is the best place to create from, where the words simply flow onto the page without effort, and seem to be "downloaded". Where you know what needs to be done next. Where clarity is present within you.

The best and easiest way of achieving this creative flow, this ease and Grace, is to activate and align regularly with your Soul and your Soul's light.

Your Soul or Spirit is constantly in a state of flow, and ease. In a state of Grace. In the miraculous realm.

The best way to get answers, clarity, guidance and miracles  in line with your unique essence, your real self,  is to enter into the state of your Soul and Spirit.

From the place of your Soul and Spirit, wisdom, clarity, knowing, curiosity, vigour, energy, staying power flows.

So, the question perhaps is, "how do I enter into the state of my Soul?"

In Your Divine Feminine Healing Experience

As a "Soul Guide", Mentor and Divine Feminine Healer, I am able to assist you in being in the Presence of your Soul's Light.

Within your Divine Feminine Healing Experience I create a sort of  "Divine Incubator",  a sacred energetic sanctuary to ground you and 'hold you', so that you can enter into the energy, frequency and vibration of your own Soul and Spirit.  You can learn more about this divine incubator here . . 


With your agreement I am able to "tap into the energy of your Soul", and bring forth Divine Guidance for you.  As a sort of "bridge" or "interpreter"between you and your Soul/Spirit.

I am able to transmit Grace, love and healing to you from your Soul into any situation you are having difficulty with, and are ready to transform.

The result of this Divine Feminine Guidance and Healing Experience is quite remarkable often with miraculous shifts, breakthroughs and events occurring for my clients even before their first session.

Bring the Power of Your Divine Presence into the Heart of Your Business and Life

This is a Divinely inspired and filled experience. where miracles and breakthrough and transformation abounds.


Together we will drop into the Divine Presence so that your miracles and breakthrough can occur.

You will experience a deep rooted connection of love, Grace and Miracles.

Wether you are having a Soul Activation Experience, a Divine Life Path Reading, or a Divine Wealth Healing, you will be bathed un and infused with the power and healing of Divine Presence and Grace.

The experience of this Divine Feminine Healing is like no other, the level of purity, love and Grace that you will experience will cleanse you, ground you, clear you and shift you, so that your own energy system can flow again, like a beautiful cascading waterfall.

Once your energy is flowing again,  the way will be open for miracles to occur. Breakthroughs, transformations, Divine shifts and all sorts of other wonderful events and happenings.

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