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Soak in
Divine Grace
with me &
Move into a New Reality


Live the "Magic" and

Sacred  Essence


of Who You Really Are



Divine Messenger

To book a Divine Infusion with me, then click below.


In the first instance - I reccomend that you book a single session with me unless you desire to really make a leap into a whole new experience. In which case it would be at least three sessions spaced quite closely together, or a one day deep dive intensive with me.

It helps, though it is not essential, if you are familiar with spiritual healing, meditation and basic reality shifting concepts.  Lots of people are waking up now to what they have always known intrinsically at a deep internal level, so really as long as you feel a deep sense of open-ness to Divine energy, your Guardian Angel and the concept of Alchemy or transformation that will be fine.

Consider, what is your longing?

Is it your home ( I tend to work with those desiring a more earth connected life as I have a deep connection with that).

Your calling and purpose,



Confidence, self-concept

Personal power

or is it you wish to learn how to use your spiritual (woo woo) gifts?

What is your heart's longing?

If you are reading this I am fairly confident you know what you want.

The next part is;

Do you believe?

I mean REALLY believe?

Do you beleive that you can have your heart's desires?

These are essential requirements and honestly please do not book if you do not beleive. You must beleive, you may not know how, you may have doubt, but you must beleive it is possible.

Is it a "yes" a "knowing' that a session with me and your Guardia Angel will be what you need.

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